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sean is an afrocentric, anti-theist, always noided chicagoan.

this is a little misleading.

yes, sex and the city 2 grossed a little more than $288 million. however, its budget was $100 million, giving it a $188 million profit (source). after that, theaters take about 50% of the ticket revenue, leaving $94 million to the filmmakers. from that pie, the studio gets the biggest slice, then the producers and other above-the-line people (directors, etc), then the actors, then everyone else.

no single person walked away with $288 million and caused 20 million people to starve to death. it’s still a tragedy, but the picture is blown out of proportion just a little bit. it would make more sense to go after avatar, which has made about $3 billion so far (sauce). i think james cameron probably has earned a billion dollars by himself during his career, and he’s allegedly worth $650 million right now (here and here).