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the soft beret
sean is an afrocentric, anti-theist, always noided chicagoan.

this bitch be crazy.

seriously though, she is a racist. in high school she used to call me “nig with a pig”. she’s such a privileged little shit it’s unbelievable. she’s also one of those “nobama” fuckers who thinks he created the recession.

i’m so glad i live in chicago, especially in one of the biggest lgbtq neighborhoods in the country. some of the people here are equally as ignorant, but it’s still better than the northern suburbs. when the mobs were running loose over the summer, a lot of “equal rights” supporters were blaming the “black monkey thugs” for the violence.

Posted on October 8, 2011 with 15 notes
  1. ismogjalog said: no respect for the good negronians of the world
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