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Rogier Houwen


Room 237, The Shining (1980) Stanley Kubrick


How you feel when you hear the Champions League music come on.


Mario Kart 64 ~ Rainbow Road


The Mysterious Stone Kingdom of the Great Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe is home to one of the most stunning historical monuments in Africa – the monument of the Great Zimbabwe.  Built 900 years ago, the massive stone structures of the Great Zimbabwe create a breathtaking view, leaving visitors to wonder about the historical events that transpired many centuries ago. How were these massive stone structures built? What kind of society lived here? Why was such an impressive and durable structure ultimately abandoned?

The name ‘Zimbabwe’ is an anglicized form of an African word meaning ‘stone houses’, for the ruins of the Great Zimbabwe are comprised of several stone walls, monuments, and buildings built mainly of granite. The structures were created using a method called dry stonewalling, which requires a high level of masonry expertise. The internal structure contains many passageways and enclosures. It spans almost 1800 acres of the southeastern area of the country of Zimbabwe. While it may seem that the structure was named after the country, it is actually the other way around. 

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Rogier Houwen


‘Brain Lapse’, A Complex Hand-Drawn Animation by Jake Fried


“I went home that day and said, ‘Yo, mama. These dudes want to make a movie about me!’ She laughed at me and looked at me and said, ‘Boy get your ass out of here! Nobody wants to make a movie about you!’ The next day these three guys come with the cameras on, with the boom mic on, up the stairs. Mama comes to the door and she didn’t have her teeth in. Her top teeth were false. So she came to the door and saw the cameras and ran to the back and put her teeth in. So she comes back to the door like, ‘Hello! How are you guys doing!? Arthur told me you were coming!’ I’m like ‘mama stop lying, you didn’t even believe me!’”

- Arthur Agee on How ‘Hoop Dreams’ Became a Reality.